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Dorkvosh Technical and Engineering Company (special shares) since 2014 with the aim of helping the sustainable development of the mining sector and related industries and creating new capacities along with economic efficiency in the fields of exploration projects, optimal exploitation, processing of mineral materials, production of strategic products needed by the country and has started providing technical and engineering services in accordance with international standards.

Considering the importance of the exploration sector and the influential role of the infrastructure in this area of ​​the mining value chain in the country’s economy, this company is proud as one of the pioneers of the core drilling industry that it has been able to help its stakeholders in advancing their goals and achieving success and under the shadow of God’s grace. And based on the patience and benevolent intention of the shareholders, the useful experience of the board of directors, the efforts and skills of young and dynamic human capital, as well as advanced machinery, to give this guarantee and privilege to its employers to speed up the optimal access to its mineral reserves and perform deep excavations. Demand high productivity and competitive price from Dorkavosh.

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The features of Darkavsh Technical and Engineering Company

team building

Ability to build teams and the potential to cooperate with professional companies in various fields

Brilliant team

Using the country’s elite human capital in specialized fields

Creative and professional

Providing creative implementation solutions in complex working conditions

Continuous interaction

Provide continuous reports and follow up on feedback

Quality guarantee

Implementation of executive operations with the highest international standards and advanced tools

How we perform services:

Problem proposed by the employer

There are several ways to contact us. As an employer, you share your problem with us. You can choose contact us from the main menu.

Project review

Our specialized teams, in various fields of exploration, drilling, mechatronics, exploratory drilling machines and investment, carefully study and evaluate the issue raised.

Presenting solution

Our executive teams, including project managers and elite experts, propose possible solutions to the problem with the employer. If approved, the executive operation will begin.

Continuous monitoring

One of the characteristics of Dorkavosh technical and engineering company is the use of global and updated standards in order to implement projects as accurately and efficiently as possible. Our monitoring teams ensure the quality of executive operations.

Publication of results

The most important and showcase of our operations is to provide quantitative results in the form of detailed reports based on current world standards (or requested by the employer).

Our services

The technical and engineering company in Kavash is ready to provide the following services due to its capabilities in the field of advanced machinery and specialized and skilled manpower:

Implementation of contracting operations

Implementation of contracting operations inside and outside the country, including drilling, including coring, geotechnical, geophysical, mineral.

technical and engineering service

Providing technical engineering services in the field of mines and mineral industries, from exploration to extraction of minerals

Participation in investment

Participation in the investment of domestic and foreign private companies, domestic and foreign investment projects

Management planning and maintenance

Providing the necessary solutions to increase the profitability of mining production units and related industries

Implementation of exploratory projects

All exploration projects, from prospecting to obtaining a discovery certificate, are under the jurisdiction of the technical and engineering company, using the latest methods. Ask us for advice in this regard.

Doing business

Carrying out commercial affairs related to drilling machinery and equipment, raw materials for mining industries, import and export of minerals, receiving representation of international companies, mineral production line

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Recent news and events

Participation in the mining exhibition of the United Arab Emirates Mining Dubai 2023

The technical team of Dorkavosh Technical and Engineering Company visited the United Arab Emirates Mining Show Dubai 2023.   From the point of view of Dorkavosh technical and engineering company managers, international exhibitions always provide visitors and participants with suitable opportunities to develop business relationships, transfer work experiences and move in the frontiers of knowledge…

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The visit of the project management team of Dorkavosh Technical and Engineering Company to exploratory drilling sites in Central Asia

In order to exchange the experiences of exploratory core drilling in harsh climatic and geological conditions, as well as to improve productivity in the drilling industry, a team consisting of the drilling project management unit of Derkavsh Technical and Engineering Company, from a number of drilling sites in the countries visited Central Asia and shared…

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Participation in the Minex 2023 exhibition in Tehran

Dorkavosh Technical and Engineering Company hosted the enthusiasts and colleagues of the exploratory core drilling industry at the Minex 2023 exhibition, which was held from October 12th to October 14th, 1402 in Mossali, Tehran. Acquaintance with the achievements of the research and development team of Darkavesh Technical and Engineering Company, and providing technical advice in…

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Beautiful Iran

Iran with a unique variety of natural landscapes, ancient and cultural monuments, pleasant hosts and people Hospitality always appears in the eyes of every viewer. From the north to the south and from the east to the west, Iran provides food for every taste with its variety of lands. . The green mountains of Alborz in the north, with snowy peaks and vistas behind Stunning, it steals the heart of every nature lover. In the south, the dry and boundless deserts that face The sun’s rays are twinkling, stunning, creating unique memories. But the beauty of Iran It is not only in the appearance of its nature. There are more than 62 billion tons of minerals hidden in the four seasons of Iran. Diversity of resources Iran’s rich minerals are unmatched anywhere in the world. from oil, ferrous metals, non-ferrous metals, rare earth metals, Non-metallic minerals, from the lightest elements to the heaviest iron, are all located in the heart of Iran . Also, rich and cultural ancient works of several thousand years, to every angle of Iranians and foreign travelers It is surprising that this land has been made the end of a cultural journey. From Pasargad, the masterpiece of the kingdom Darius the Great, up to the figure of the traveler that is highlighted in Bam Suleiman, every breath in Iran It is full of surprises and blessings for everyone.